Sex and Love Addiction Treatment

Awaken through recovery

Sex and love addiction is characterized by compulsive patterns in romance, sexuality and relationships that have harmful consequences for the addict and others in their life.

While sex and romance are a natural and healthy part of relationships, the sex and love addict uses love or sexual experiences to escape from depression, anxiety, vulnerability, trauma and other life stressors.

For most people seeking help, your compulsive patterns are secretive, shameful, and destructive. In spite of this, you find yourself returning to the behavior again and again, even if it goes against your values and/or harms others.

For some people seeking help, your sexual or romantic behavior may not be an addictive pattern but is still not in accordance with your values or causes harm in your life, such as an affair. If this is the case, you could still benefit from my services.


I strive to  understand the devastating impact of sex and love addiction and your immediate need to address these patterns and behaviors.

I am not simply interested in helping you address behaviors. I see this as only the first step towards the goal of being able to be more fully present in your life. This presence will help you:

  • connect you to your deeper purpose in life,
  • live in accordance with your values,
  • develop truly intimate relationships with yourself and others.

It’s a goal of personal, relational, and spiritual transformation, helping you to connect with the real creative intelligence of life.


Whatever the extent of your problem behaviors with sex and/or “love,” and regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, or lifestyle choices, I work to  create a non-judgmental and safe environment so you can grow to trust yourself and fully accept your problems.

I thoroughly assess each person who comes to us for treatment, so that I can tailor evidence-based treatment to meet your specific needs. I offer practical tools and new pathways based on Psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, meditation, and the 12-steps program. I offer help for people, and their partners and families, to create a new life, free to move beyond old familiar patterns to create a life of choice, meaning, connection, commitment, and fulfillment.

“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy … Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”  |  Brene Brown

Note:  I also have a wealth of experience with other addictions and compulsive behaviors, such as alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, self-harm, shopping, stealing, hoarding, etc. If you have a history of other compulsive or addictive behaviors in addition to sex.