I approach my work with sensitivity and compassion to create a safe environment in which issues can be explored.  I have twenty plus years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups.  I work to de-mystify the therapeutic process in order to help you maximize your efforts to create the life and relationships you wish to have.

My approach is to help you to discover the unique person you are, whether you are a professional, an artist, a parent, or a couple.  Whether your challenge is situational, chronic, or acute, my goal is to help you learn how to create a more meaningful and fulfilled life and enrich your relationships with others.  I work deeply and pragmatically, so that you gain both insight, development, growth and practical knowledge.

I have worked with people on many issues including:

    • creating healthy relationships
      • self esteem, self acceptance, life transitions
    • codependency, healthy dependency & addiction
      • sexual addiction
      • impulse control & behavioral change
      • substance abuse
      • alcoholism
      • compulsive stealing & shoplifting
    • trauma and PTSD
    • anxiety & depression
    • grief and loss
      • aging parents
      • sibling/friend loss
    • learning and attention issues/parenting issues
      • parenting a child with learning and/or attention differences
      • dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD & learning to accept and thrive with your unique differences.
    • BFRB’s
      • trichotillomania
      • skin picking
      • nail biting

Taking the first step is often the most difficult.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to set up a first appointment. 415.267.6965 or ecorsale@gmail.com  Elizabeth Corsale MFT Professional Corporation, MFC 36769

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed how we are living and connecting to ourselves, others and our world.  All of us are experiencing new challenges, anxiety and hardships in ways we could have never prepared for or expected.  I am offering online telemedicine platforms and phone sessions in order to make psychotherapy services easily available to individuals, couples and groups.