Pathways Institute

San Francisco, Bay Area & California


\ˈpath-ˌwā, ˈpäth-\1.    course: a way of life, conduct, or thought

I co-founded Pathways Institute with Samantha Smithstein, Psy. D which is now a group practice of independently licensed clinicians including Dr. Jennifer Fernancez, Ph.D. At the Pathways Institute for Impulse Control, we provide help for people suffering from the devastating effects of impulse disorders, “process addictions,” addictions, and out-of-control behaviors; such as compulsive shoplifting, stealing, sex addiction and love addiction, substance abuse and eating disorders, and their partners and families.

There are many therapists and agencies out there who claim to treat these problems. What makes us unique, is that our treatment methods are not based simply on theories or on a single method of treatment or a single recovery program. We provide a thorough assessment of each person we treat. This provides us with key information about the origins of and contributors to the behaviors, such as unmet needs, trauma, learning and attention differences, co-addictions, substance abuse, eating disorders, codependency, and/or mood disorders. 

Understanding the individual and their unique presentation of symptoms and issues is the single best way to ensure that treatment will target and address the presenting cluster of problems.   When people come to us for treatment we assess them each as individuals, so that we can tailor treatment to their specific needs. Our treatment methods are evidence-based, and our team is cross-disciplinary and highly experienced in a multitude of interventions, and we keep abreast of the latest research, as well as conduct research of our own. We offer practical tools and new pathways for people, and their partners and families, to gain control of their lives and become free to create a life of choice, and ultimately of deeper meaning.

We provide psychotherapy, treatment groups, training and consultation, community education, interface with the legal system, and licensing and sale of our products.

Please contact us at 415-267-6916/415-267-6965 , or email us at: ecorsale@elizabethcorsale